• DNS of a turbulent hydrogen jet flame at Re=1500
  • Simultaneous measure of velocity and temperature behind a cylinder
  • Transversal segregation in the solid bed of rotary drums

Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics (ISUT)

The Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics (ISUT) at the University of Magdeburg “Otto von Guericke” is responsible for teaching and research in all areas of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and combustion.

This includes experimental and numerical research activities, investigating for instance following problems:

  • Reacting and multiphase flows
  • Sprays and spray cooling
  • Laminar and turbulent flames
  • Industrial ovens and furnaces
  • Turbomachines
  • Flow instabilities
  • Heat exchangers
  • Non-newtonian flows
  • Acoustics
  • Radiative heat transfer
  • Mixing improvement, separation
  • Optimization of flow conditions
  • Medical flows
  • And many more...

For this purpose, high-quality measurement methods and numerical simulation programs are available in the group.

Departments and groups of the Institute:

Fluid Dynamics and Technical Flows | Head: Prof. Dr. Dominique Thévenin

Thermodynamics and Combustion | Head: Prof. Dr. Eckehard Specht

Technical Thermodynamics | Head: Prof. Dr. Frank Beyrau

Group: Heat-and Mass-transfer| Head: Jun.-Prof. Alba Diéguez Alonso

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